Nicholas Davis (b. 1985) was raised in the Seattle, WA area, where he played music in bands instead of going to college. He moved to Chicago in 2010 where he co-founded a collective dedicated to improvised music, a la AACM, in which a group of 4-12 people would show up weekly to bring music ideas to talk about and play free-form improvisational music with. Since then he has focused on experimental music, the history and techniques of audio synthesis, musique concrète, phonography, performance art, and creative coding at SAIC. He is also a member of Meekling Press, a DJ on NUMBERS.FM, and a budding mixologist at Vincent.

The artworks I make come in the forms of conceptual sound composition via computers and custom electronics, ritual-focused and socially engaging performance, interactive installations, and lyric essay. My works aim to redirect associative thought from sensory or cultural expectations with non-linear narrative, and atypical contextualization. I exploit the fleeting moments of change in systems in order to completely dismantle and reimagine, or to augment.

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